Concept by Chris Brockway and Bridget Leary, designed in collaboration with Rafi Ajl, of The Long Confidence, and hand blown in Glow Glass Studio by Alexander Abajian, Evan Kolker, and David Battaglia. Made to have substance and hold any drink.

Making Glass

From concept, to mock-up, to mold, to blowing, to presentation, and then ready for the table. The process of creating something special.

"When the Bay Area first locked down in April, Chris and I had more time to think creatively at home. Home felt really special in those first weeks during lockdown. We thought about designing a wine glass that we would love holding and drinking from. A piece of art. Unique and beautiful. Something versatile - maybe not just for wine. No limits." - Bridget

We immediately thought about Rafi...

The Long Con makes makes a spirits glass we like to drink mezcal out of and sometimes Sake, too. And, wine.

His workshop is down the street...

This made it easy to meet, engage with eachother creatively and connect leading up to the final piece.

He made the Dream Come True.

Now we have 50 hand made glasses ready to make their way to other tables so we can all drink together.

"Wine can be enjoyed in whatever vessel you like.  Sometimes a certain wine tastes better in a different glass than the one you use at home. If you want your senses to open up and explore a wine there are really elegant glasses that bring you on that journey. But, with this glass, we were thinking mostly of style and the feel in your hand - the comfort while drinking at home. A tall stem is not always our idea of comfort especially with a toddler running around. Stems tend to give more of a serious tone to wine. These glasses give the feel of making wine more relaxing."

"The glasses reflect our vision but it's Rafi’s signature look. We wanted to make sure that he was expressing himself as a designer. We love the multifaceted walls. Imperfections are what makes each piece special, you can feel how special they are. It's super rare to see hand made glass anywhere these days."