Handmade. Inspired by how we drink wines at home. Locally-crafted by friends and East Bay artists.



Home-bound pandemic life sparked the vision for glassware that unites beauty and comfort. Explore how the Broc glassware came to be – from concept to fire and finally, your table. 

"When the Bay Area first locked down in April 2020, Chris and I had more time to think creatively at home. Home felt really special in those first few weeks. We thought about designing a wine glass that we would love holding and drinking from. A piece of art. Unique and beautiful. Something versatile - maybe not just for wine. No limits." - Bridget Leary


Inspired by Rafi Ajl’s spirits glassware, he was a critical partner in bringing our vision to life.


Designed by The Long Confidence. Handblown by Glow Glass Studio in Oakland.

Uniquely Yours

We started with a single batch of 50 glasses. Now, Broc glassware is a beautiful set for any tablescape.

"Wine can be enjoyed in any vessel. If you want your senses to open up and explore a wine, there are really elegant glasses that bring you on that journey. But, with this glass, we focused on style and the feel in your hand - the comfort while drinking at home. A tall stem is not always ideal, especially with a toddler running around. Stems give more of a serious tone to wine. These glasses make wine more relaxing." – Chris Brockway

"The glasses reflect our vision, but it's Rafi’s signature look. We wanted him to express himself as a designer. We love the multifaceted walls. The individual imperfections make each piece unique. You can feel how special they are. It's super rare to see handmade glass anywhere these days." – Chris Brockway