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Love Wines

We started making our Love Wines because we want to provide a more affordable everyday drinking wine to a larger market while still espousing the key tenets we believe in --- minimal intervention and sustainable farming. The Love wines are larger production blends by design. We still use only native yeasts and bacteria for fermentation with no additives or adjuncts, but we do choose to use trace amounts of SO2 at bottling. Each of the Love blends contain grapes from vineyards with varying degrees of intervention and the vineyards and blends can change with each vintage. The farming practices can also vary with the blends and include vineyards that are farmed entirely without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers and can include grapes from vineyards that have some exposure to these products. The technical data sheets for each wine detail the farming practices of the vineyards that produced the grapes in the blend.

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