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How We Make Wine

Our goal in making wine is to bring out the natural expression of the grape. We use organically grown grapes and harvest early for more healthy grapes that retain their good acidity. This often results in lower alcohol wines and the lower Brix (sugar content) at harvest, which allows for easier fermentations. All Broc wines are made using spontaneous fermentation, which means only native yeasts and bacteria that exist on the grapes are used to make the wine. We may add a minimal amount of sulphur at bottling depending on the year, wine and style. We never add sulphur during fermentation and aging.

Where We Source Grapes

We source an eclectic mix of grapes from all over California, working with vineyards as far south as Paso Robles and as far north as Mendocino. All of the vineyards are organically farmed and family-owned. Learn more about vineyards that grow our grapes.  

Broc Collections

See how our winemaking explores the full range of what California soils can grow.

Broc Heritage: Wines representing our commitment to elevate classic, enjoyable California wine while preserving traditional winemaking and heritage vines.

LOVE: Unsung varieties and vines found in beautiful and unexpected places. Compelling natural wines at an affordable price. Organically-grown grapes.

Got Grapes: Celebrates the unique wines, fortuitous opportunities and explorations in winemaking that excite us each year. No two vintages are the same.

Fox Hill: Classic and fun Italian wines with California flair from Broc's bountiful Mendocino vineyard. One of the most unique vineyards in the state.


Current UPC Codes

2022 Love Red Bottle 

2022 Perfect Red

2022 La Boutanche

2022 Broc Cabernet Sauvignon | Photo

2022 Happi Chenin | Photo

2022 Sangiovese | Photo

2022 Vine Starr | Photo

2022 Nero d'Avola | Photo

2022 Michael Mara Chardonnay | Photo

2022 Love Sparkling Cans | Photo

2022 Broc Valdiguié | Photo

2022 Wirth Zinfandel | Photo

2022 Amore Rosso | Photo

2022 Trousseau Zin | Photo

2022 Got Grapes Red | Photo

2022 White Zinfandel | Photo

2022 Orange Muscat 

2022 Amore Bianco 

2022 KouKou

2022 Grenache Gris 

2022 Love Sparkling

2022 Love Red Can

2022 Corteza Grenache

2022 SOGI

2022 Ayay!

2022 Amore Blendo

2022 Love White

2022 Love White Can

2020 Notes & Tones

2022 Love Rosé

2022 Got Grapes White

2022 Aqua Vino

2020 Angelica

2022 Nouveau



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