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About Our Wines

At Broc Cellars, all of our wines are made using spontaneous fermentation, a process that means we only use native yeasts and bacteria that exist on the grapes in order to make wine. We don’t add anything – this includes nutrients, yeast, bacteria, enzymes, tannins or other popular fermentation agents. 

“Our goal in making wine is to bring out the natural expression of the grape. We decide on a wine by wine basis how we want to do that. We have more freedom now to make the choice not to add Sulphur. There is a bigger market for us to go in the direction we want to go. To counter that we are doing more to insure our vineyards are using the farming practices we support. We’re also committed to detailing exactly what decisions we make during the course of our winemaking process.” – Chris Brockway


2021 White Zinfandel

2021 Corteza Grenache Rosé

2021 Trousseau Noir

2021 Amore Bianco

2021 Amore Blendo

2021 Love Sparkling

2021 Love Red

2021 Love White

2021 Love Rosé

2021 Love Rosé Can

2021 Love White Can

2021 Love Sparkling Can

2021 Love Red Can

2020 Le Clairet

2021 Nouveau

2020 Sparkling Chenin Blanc Magnum 

2020 Sparkling Valdiguié Magnum

2020 Lagrein Rosé

2020 Nero d'Avola

2020 KouKou Cabernet Franc

2020 Vine Starr Zinfandel

2020 Michael Mara Chardonnay

2020 Happi Chenin

2020 Amore Rosso

NV La Boutanche for Selection Massale

2020 Amore Blendo

2020 Buck Hill Zinfandel - Hill Top

2019 Picpoul

2020 Petillant Valdiguié Sparkling Wine

2020 Love Red

2020 Love Red Can

2020 White Zinfandel

2020 Trousseau Noir

2020 Sogi Cabernet Pfeffer

2020 Amore Bianco

2020 Grenache Gris

2019 Wirth Zinfandel

2019 Old Vine Carignan

Got Grapes NV - 2021 Release

2020 Love Sparkling Chenin Blanc

2020 Love White Can

2020 Love Rosé Can

2020 Love White

2020 Love Rosé

2019 Love Red

2019 Broc Valdiguié

2017 Counoise

2020 Nouveau

2007 Rosé

2015 Mockvin du Broc Rosé

2019 Vine Starr Zinfandel

2019 Nero d'Avola

2019 Happi Chenin

2019 KouKou

2019 Lagrein Rosé

2019 Petillant Valdiguié

2019 Love Red Can

2019 Love White Can

2018 Counoise

2018 Broc Valdiguié

2018 Old Vine Carignan

2018 Mission Rosé

2019 Got Grapes Valdiguié

2019 White Zinfandel

2019 SOGI Cabernet Pfeffer

2019 Grenache Gris

2019 Chenin Blanc Petillant Wine

2018 Wirth Zinfandel

2019 Trousseau Noir

2019 Amore Rosso

2019 Amore Bianco

2019 Love Rosé Can

2019 Love Rosé

2019 Love White

2018 Love White

2018 Lagrein Rosé

2018 Shell Creek Chenin Blanc

2018 Amore Rosso

2018 Sparkling Valdiguié

2018 Nero d'Avola

2018 Grenache Gris

2018 Kou Kou

2018 Love Red

2018 Vine Starr Zinfandel

2017 Counoise

2018 Happi Chenin

2018 Love White

2018 Got Grapes Valdiguié

2018 Trousseau Gris

2018 Love Rosé

2018 Love Rosé Can

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