Arrowhead Mountain Vineyard

Our history with Arrowhead Mountain Vineyard stretches back to Broc Cellars’ earliest days when Chris first sourced Zinfandel in 2004 from this Sonoma Valley site. The vineyard is perched on a mountaintop above the town of Sonoma with sun soaked vines growing along its steep 55-degree slopes in iron rich volcanic soil and red volcanic rock. Harvesting grapes on such steep terrain involves a vigorous uphill hike, with grapes lugged down in big baskets fastened on harvesters’ backs. Before owners Bob and Ruth Elster could first plant rootstock in 1997, it took considerable effort and a number of years to first clear wild brush, remove rocks and maintain the soil. Arrowhead Mountain is organically farmed, which is something that Bob and Ruth implemented early on.

Decades later, we still love how the vineyard provides wonderful Zinfandel that we make into our delicate lighter-style Vine Starr, one of our flagship wines, and our more playful White Zinfandel. We pick the grapes early for our White Zinfandel so they aren’t overexposed to sun since Zinfandel grapes are very thin-skinned. Our Zinfandel embraces the fruit’s natural acidity and re-imagines what many have come to expect from the California varietal.

AVA: Sonoma Valley
Farming Practices: Organically farmed
Varietals Grown: Zinfandel
Wines Produced: Vine Starr, White Zinfandel