Making The Decanter

The making of our Decanter was a true collaboration. We developed the concept and designed it alongside the team that collaborated on our Wine Glass. Rafi Ajl, of The Long Confidence, was the creative and technical force behind them. They are beautifully created and classically hand blown in Glow Glass Studio by Alexander Abajian, Evan Kolker, and David Battaglia.

When we first came up with the idea to make a special Wine Glass, it was a moment in time to think creatively. We wanted to make a piece of art, something beautiful for us to use as an everyday glass -- we didn't know if anyone else would want one too, but you did! The process of creating something special out of glass from concept, to mock-up, to mold, to blowing, to presentation, and then ready for the table was in some ways parallel to winemaking. We made the Wine Glass for fun and simple enjoyment -- from there the natural progression was to add a Decanter to share wine with friends and pair with the Wine Glass.

Our connection with Rafi was and is so strong and aligned. He loved the idea of creating a matching piece of tableware to pair with our glasses. Now it's available for anyone to enjoy! 

 Just as our Wine Glass adds to the simple enjoyment of wine at home, the Decanter brings in the cherished ritual of sharing a bottle with friends and experiencing the wine as it opens up.


Rafi first approached the design by exploring with us what we were looking for in the Decanter. He then presented us with some basic shapes to choose from made out of cardboard. They gave us an idea of the size and table presence.

Pictured above: Our favorite antique decanter procured at the Alameda Antique Fair

We loved using this unique antique decanter at home and at BROC. When we started the decanter brainstorming process with Rafi we brought it to him as a point of inspiration. 

We then narrowed it down to the look we wanted and he constructed paper prototypes for us to consider for size and feel. These examples led us to the one we loved best, and was used to design the metal mold used for blowing the glass. 

Glow Glass Studio is a remarkable place in Oakland. A very rare art of creating hand blown pieces is realized by the glass blowers there, Alexander Abajian, Evan Kolker, and David Battaglia.



Each step is a dance, a practice in patience and takes next level skill -- we are so lucky to work with these artists!

You can also read our story about creating the Wine Glass and see video of the glass blowing process on our Making Glass page.