Support Organizations Working for Equality
Providing Meals to Those In Need
Central Kitchen

Sign up to give or receive financial assistance and connect with others who need or are willing to provide help via shopping for groceries, chores around the home, etc. via C19 Help Squad.

Grants for bartenders and/or their spouses & children through the USBG National Charity Foundation.

Cash assistance to restaurant workers, delivery drivers, and other service workers at One Fair Wage Emergency Fund.

Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, Medicaid, and additional government-run assistance programs: Access HRA NYC

"Tip your bartender" program -- electronically tip a bartender when enjoying a beverage at home.

List of relief funds for restaurants, bars, and service workers via Eater.

General Resources: 
Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation website

Punch has been updating daily with new resources & ways to help.

Links to relief funds & initiatives nationwide through Imbibe Magazine.

Mental Health Resources: 

Support groups for members of the hospitality industry through Restaurant After Hours.