Making Pizza with Amore


Sundays are a great time to take stock of the week, relax and cook at home. Chris and Bridget have a passion for cooking pizza at home. A pizza oven is nestled on one side of their kitchen and has brought joy to endless Sundays. The Amore Rosso label adorned with flying pizzas is a staple to pair with the different versions of pies.

In the past our Amore Rosso has always been 100% Sangiovese but for the 2020 vintage we wanted to experiment with blending multiple Italian varieties grown at Fox Hill. Our idea was to make a table wine capturing the feel of an old school classic field blend. This wine has darker fruit with more structure while still being bright and fresh. It has depth and complexity, it's earthy with bright notes of cherry -- best of all it pairs so well with food (especially pizza!)

We adore the organically grown Italian varieties at Fox Hill in Mendocino County, where the grapes in our Amore Series are almost exclusively sourced. It's located between Hopland and Ukiah and we've been lucky enough to make wine from grapes grown in this bucolic location since 2013


Chris and Bridget like to make their pizza dough naturally leavened using only 00 flour. They use a starter that was given to them 5 years ago from their friends at Del Poppolo in San Francisco. A good pizza dough recipe to use at home is from the cookbook Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish. When preparing their dough only the starter is used with no added yeasts. The dough proofs overnight and into the day for at least 14 hours, but it can easily go one more day in the fridge to enhance the sourdough flavor. Buon appetito!

1. Dough

2. Top

3. Pour

4. Wait

5. Repeat

6. Eat


2020 Amore Rosso
58% Dolcetto, 26% Montepulciano, 16% Sangiovese