2018 Sogi
2018 Sogi
2018 Sogi
2018 Sogi

2018 Sogi

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VARIETAL : Cabernet Pfeffer


VINEYARD: Enz Vineyard

ALCOHOL : 12.5%



This is our first vintage working with Cabernet Pfeffer. We know that this varietal tends to have aggressive tannins, so we decided to ferment it using carbonic maceration. It was fermented in concrete, then pressed to neutral French oak barrels to allow the wine to breath. The wine aged for 14 months.

 Cabernet Pfeffer is thought to be a child of Cabernet Sauvignon and Trousseau Noir. Some people believe it is Gros Verdot, but no one is certain and it is probably not true. Dr. Pfeffer was a horticulturist in San Jose who identified the variety and named it! (Pfeffer is also the name for pepper in German)

 Sogi is a nickname for the area where the vineyard is located in relation to our winery. Broc Cellars is located on 5thand Gilman Street in the Gilman district of Berkeley. The vineyard is located South of Gilman – hence SOGI ! The image is a Sugi – which is a cedar ball in Japan. We loved the idea of Sogi and Sugi!


Lime Kiln is located in Cienega Valley just south of Hollister. Enz Vineyard is the only vineyard located in the Lime Kiln AVA. The  40 year old-vines are dry farmed and there is no use of chemicals, pesticides or herbicides in the vineyard.

At Broc Cellars, all of our wines are made using spontaneous fermentation, a process that means we only use native yeasts and bacteria that exist on the grapes in order to make wine. We don’t add anything – this includes nutrients, yeast, bacteria, enzymes, tannins or other popular fermentation agents. Sulphur is a naturally occurring element in all wine, the amount found can vary. We add little to no S02, depending on the wine and style.

There must be a person 21 or older present at the time of delivery. 

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