Best of Broc

Best of Broc

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Experience the range of what organically-farmed California soils have to offer. Enjoy this curated 12-bottle pack of diverse and versatile Broc wines. There's something to love and something new to discover in this bountiful pack.

Best of Broc includes 1 bottle each of the following wines:

2022 Wirth Zinfandel

2022 Amore Bianco

2022 Sangiovese

2022 KouKou

2022 Cabernet Sauvignon

2022 Amore Blendo

2022 Ayay!

2023 Love White

2023 Sparkling Valdiguiè

2022 Nero D'Avola

2022 Valdiguiè

2022 Amore Rosso


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