Meet part of the BROC CREW!  We asked them to share a little bit about themselves, what they like about working at BROC, their current wine recommendations and how they ended up in the wine industry.

Meet Katie | Tasting Room Manager

"At Broc, I enjoy continually learning about wine and sharing that experience with people who come to the tasting room. I also love my co-workers!"

Where are you from, and how did you end up in wine?
I'm from a small town in central Illinois. After college I was living in St. Louis and a friend turned me on to wine. I was fascinated with it, moved to Chicago immediately, and have worked in wine and hospitality ever since!

What are some of your Broc favorites?
The 2020 Amore Blendo, the 2020 Trousseau, and the 2020 Kou Kou!

Meet Rueben | Assistant Winemaker

"Broc provides an incredible opportunity to work with a large sampling of AVAs and varieties in California. It’s a great way to get an overview of what the vintage looked like, and flex creative winemaking muscles."

Where are you from, and how did you end up in wine?
I hail from Minneapolis, but consider Portland Oregon my second home. After spending a number of years cooking in restaurants and needing to put my dreams of fine dining to rest, I got the kick in the pants to work a harvest. Ever since then there has been no turning back. It’s the perfect marriage of creatively working with food products in an intellectually stimulating way that I have dreamt of for years.

What are some of your Broc favorites?
Always the Michael Mara Chardonnay! It’s an incredibly versatile wine, and will change people’s mind about Chardonnay from California. 

Meet Jessie | DtC Manager

"I am constantly learning and growing! There is truly never a dull moment.  Broc is a wonderful example of teamwork at it's finest.  Everyone pitches in to get the job done! "

Where are you from, and how did you end up in wine?
I grew up in Santa Barbara - always interested in food and flavors.  That led me to attend California Culinary Academy in 2007.  While I've always loved making food, I found myself more drawn to the customer service side of the food industry.  Several years later, I began working with Kelsie Kerr at Standard Fare.  She treats all of her ingredients with the utmost respect and turns them into the most incredible dishes.  Kelsie introduced me to Broc wine and I quickly joined the wine club!  After Standard Fare and Broc collaborated together over the years, I gained a knowledge of wine and a friendship with Bridget and Chris.  After my time at Standard Fare came to a close, I felt a natural and magnetic pull towards Broc.  Almost 2 years later, I couldn't be happier managing DTC sales and helping to run the wine club!  It seems to have all come full circle.

What are some of your Broc favorites?
I love the Good Time gift pack!  You get the best of both worlds... a bottle of delicious 2020 Nero d'Avola plus two beautiful Long Confidence glasses to enjoy it with!

 Meet Bernie | Operations Manager

"The best part about working at BROC is being with family and a close knit crew! Being able to work together towards a common goal while still being able to joke around and laugh has been so rewarding for me!"

Where are you from, and how did you end up in wine?
 I grew up in El Cerrito/Berkeley and being so close to wine country, our parents were frequent visitors of Napa and Sonoma. Although I was not of age to drink, seeing the vineyards and visiting tasting rooms and homesteads was always a fun adventure for me! I began to work exclusively in the wine industry when I moved back from New Zealand in 2016, utilizing my restaurant experience and administration experience to come to know all the different ways a bottle of wine ends up at your dinner table.

What are some of your Broc favorites?
The Love Wines are standouts this year; coupled with our glasses they can pair beautifully with so many different types of foods!

Meet Tommy | Cellar Manager

"I’m lucky enough to work alongside some really amazing people at BROC. Crushing grapes with your feet is great and all, but it’s a lot more fun when I can do it with all my pals!"

Where are you from, and how did you end up in wine?
I’m from the best state, which as we all know, is Minnesota. I initially got into wine while working at a great little place in Minneapolis called Gyst Fermentation Bar (RIP). I drank a lot of cool wine, met some fun winemakers, and decided to move to California and learn about grapes!

What are some of your Broc favorites?
A bottle of the delicious and versatile Nero D’Avola, which pairs great with all sorts of meals. And if you have a hard time drinking wine without spilling on yourself, grab a Broc Una ice-dyed t-shirt in Rust– that red wine stain will blend right in!

Meet Heather | Cellar Hand

"The thing I like most about being part of the BROC team is working with my friends, being able to problem solve every day, trying to hone a craft, and making a variety of fun wines that folks can share with their nearest and dearest."

Where are you from, and how did you end up in wine?
I’m from Orange County, CA and didn’t know much about wine before working at Broc but I love learning and making tangible goods and the world of producing natural wine presented a great opportunity to do both and more.

What are some of your Broc favorites?
2020 Sparkling Chenin for breakfast. 2020 Kou Kou for lunch. 2020 Nero D’Avola for din din.